IMF warns Venezuela of having 1M% inflation by the end of the year

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a concerning prediction regarding the Venezuelan economy. According to them, if the country continues to pri1nt money in order to cover their massive gap in the budget, their inflation could rise up to a baffling one million percent. Alejandro Werner, head of the

Trump-Cohen Case Received 12 More Audio Recordings

The relationship between President Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen has just become much more complicated. Recently, news broke stating that Cohen recorded Trump discussing payment with a model with whom Trump had an affair. Now it has been reported that Trump’s prosecutors have received twelve more audio

Appearing on Fox News by mistake, a senator criticized Trump on air

Fox News, which is known for often attempting to defend the Trump administration’s policies, accidentally gave an outlet to the voice they so viciously attempt to silence. On Monday, the news channel was set to interview a Democratic candidate for Congress Ann Kirkpatrick, who had recently caused controversy for supporting actions

G20 summit finishes without solutions for Trump’s trade wars

The recent summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina by the Group of Twenty ended in a disappointing note, as there were no agreements or solutions to President Trump’s trade wars. The meeting saw several finance ministers from all around the world, who had reportedly been discussing how the president’s recent

Israel forces help Syrian White Helmets evacuate endangered area

A cooperative effort between Israel’s military and several of the country’s allies has been made to evacuate hundreds of Syrian White Helmets from the border between the nations in conflict. The operation, which is unprecedented and came in an unpredictable manner, helped several rescue workers who had been trapped and

Trump criticizes Fed over rising interest rates, breaks tradition by doing so

Donald Trump has recently stated his harsh criticism towards the Federal Reserve, therefore breaking an over 25-year tradition of respect towards the system. He accompanied his criticism with comments about China and the EU manipulating their currencies for economic benefits, adding to his previous criticism of the countries involved. His

Michael Cohen recorded Trump discussing payment to a Playboy model

Michael D. Cohen, the president’s controversial personal lawyer, is yet again involved in a scandal that could compromise his public image even more. He currently has a recorded conversation between him and Donald Trump where they discussed arrangements to be done to a Playboy model who had an affair with

Trump Confirms Follow-Up Meeting with Vladimir Putin This Coming Fall

In a surprising conclusion to a week filled with controversy, U.S. President Donald Trump has announced that he will invite Vladimir Putin to a follow-up meeting in Washington this fall. Trump’s statement came as a shock to U.S. officials, especially to the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats. Coats found

Microsoft Working with U.S. Government to Prevent Hacking During Midterms

Concerns regarding Russian intervention in the U.S.’ upcoming November midterm elections have intensified, as a Microsoft executive has stated that his company is currently working with the government to ensure that candidates will not be hacked. This statement is a direct contradiction to Donald Trump’s claim that he “laid down

DNC accuses Jared Kushner of avoiding lawsuit package

The Democratic National Committee has reportedly attempted to serve Jared Kushner with a lawsuit several times, yet was repeatedly blocked by U.S. Secret Service agents. They failed to deliver the package both to Kushner’s New York apartment and his D.C. home. The package that was being delivered to Kushner consisted