AOC’s Direction for America

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the youngest Congresswoman elected, was attracting a lot of attention as of late. As the daughter of a widow who mopped floors and drove buses among other odd jobs, Ocasio-Cortez only recently found her life’s calling as a politician. Previously, she was bartending part-time. Ocasio-Cortez was

Trump Erupts After Article About FBI’s Investigation Into Him Emerges

On Saturday, President Trump fired a Twitter storm about former FBI director James Comey and the FBI. The New York Times published an article about the FBI, which opened an investigation into President Trump to see if he was working for Russia after he fired Comey on May 9, 2017.

Multiple Countries Support American Facing Espionage Allegations in Russian Jail

48-year-old Paul N. Whelan, a retired US Marine, is charged with spying on Russia. He is being detained in Moscow within Lefortovo prison. Whelan was arrested on December 28 and charged with espionage. It is unlikely someone like Whelan, who works in security for a global auto parts manufacturer called

Brexit is Not Going as Planned for Brexiteers

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, was going through a rough patch with her Brexit plan viewed by many as wishy-washy and submissive. The UK officially branches off from the EU on March 29. Her 600+ page Withdrawal Agreement, negotiated for two years in Brussels, includes a 21-month transition period and

Elizabeth Warren Actually Agrees with President Trump

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) clashed with President Trump a few times. Yet, she too believes the US military no longer has any business in Syria and Afghanistan. Warren is seriously considering a 2020 run for the presidency and she represents Democrats who want less to do with lengthy wars overseas.

Federal Workers Sue the U.S. Government Over Shutdown

Federal employees are suing the Trump administration over the partial government shutdown. According to the plaintiffs, federal workers considered “essential” are currently forced to work without compensation, which constitutes a violation of their labour rights. Due to President Trump’s failure to reach a compromise with Democrats on the border wall

Partial Government Shutdown Continues Amidst Workers’ Lawsuit

Federal workers are suing the government for the shutdown. Heidi Burakiewicz is a union lawyer representing the workers who proclaimed, “This is not an acceptable way for any employer, let alone the US government, to treat its employees.” Some people live by the paycheck and have not shored up plenty

President Trump Smears Deaths of Migrant Children and is Adamant About Budgeting for Border Barrier

Two Guatemalan children in US Border Patrol custody died. Immigration authorities said the children passed initial health checks but President Trump contradicted them by claiming the children were sick when they came to the border. Eight-year-old Felipe Gomez Alonzo died on Christmas Eve. The mother of the boy, who migrated

Thailand to Become the First Southeast Asian Country to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly unanimously legalized medical marijuana use, making it the first Southeast Asian country to allow cannabis use of any kind. The legislation was passed by a 166-0 vote, with 13 abstentions. King Maha Vajiralongkorn is expected to give his final approval before the bill becomes a law.

Closure of US-Mexico Border Threatened as Wall Funding Stalemate Drags On

President Trump tweeted the threat on Friday morning. When Trump visited with troops stationed in Iraq on Wednesday, he also told reporters he was willing to continue with the government shutdown until funding for his border wall is sorted out. The partial government shutdown has been effective for a week