U.S. and Europe Start Negotiations to Halt Trade Wars

In a surprising move, the European Union and the United States have agreed to stop what seemed to be an imminent trade war. U.S. President Donald Trump and European Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker announced a future deal on Wednesday which will focus on lowering tariffs and “trade barriers.” It is unknown whether these negotiations willRead More

North Korea’s Oil Prices Drop, Despite EU’s Tariffs

North Korea’s oil prices have dropped significantly in just a matter of months. According to Reuters, the value of North Korean oil has nearly halved in this short span of time. This fact demonstrates that oil has become an independent and isolated market. United Nations’ Security Council shortened its limit on refined petroleum exports toRead More

Trump-Cohen Case Received 12 More Audio Recordings

The relationship between President Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen has just become much more complicated. Recently, news broke stating that Cohen recorded Trump discussing payment with a model with whom Trump had an affair. Now it has been reported that Trump’s prosecutors have received twelve more audio files of recordings, demonstrating Cohen’sRead More

Michael Cohen recorded Trump discussing payment to a Playboy model

Michael D. Cohen, the president’s controversial personal lawyer, is yet again involved in a scandal that could compromise his public image even more. He currently has a recorded conversation between him and Donald Trump where they discussed arrangements to be done to a Playboy model who had an affair with the president. The National EnquirerRead More

Trump Confirms Follow-Up Meeting with Vladimir Putin This Coming Fall

In a surprising conclusion to a week filled with controversy, U.S. President Donald Trump has announced that he will invite Vladimir Putin to a follow-up meeting in Washington this fall. Trump’s statement came as a shock to U.S. officials, especially to the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats. Coats found out about the President’s decisionRead More

Microsoft Working with U.S. Government to Prevent Hacking During Midterms

Concerns regarding Russian intervention in the U.S.’ upcoming November midterm elections have intensified, as a Microsoft executive has stated that his company is currently working with the government to ensure that candidates will not be hacked. This statement is a direct contradiction to Donald Trump’s claim that he “laid down the law” when addressing theRead More

Voting Machine Agency ES&S Admits That It Installed Remote-Access Software

Amidst the controversy surrounding foreign interference in U.S. elections, the nation’s premier voting machine manufacturer has revealed to the federal government that it installed remote-access software in several of its machines. ES&S, the manufacturer in question, confessed in a letter to a federal lawmaker that remote-access software was reportedly installed in its election-management systems, which wereRead More

Trump Blatantly Refused to Criticize Russia During Meeting with Putin

While U.S. President Donald Trump expressed his distrust of his own intelligence agencies during his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, that fact was not the main takeaway of the summit. When Trump was asked by a reporter whether he blamed Russia for “anything in particular,” he responded that both countries had made mistakes butRead More

Cambridge Analytica Reportedly Accessed Russian Data

According to British Parliament member Damian Collins, a large amount of data which was gathered by Cambridge Analytica included information accessed from Russia and other countries. Collins told CNN that his investigation regarding online misinformation has found Russian IP addresses on the devices which were responsible for the data gathering. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO),Read More

Republicans Criticize Trump for Siding with Vladimir Putin on Russia Investigation

A recent meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump ended with a scene which most Americans never thought they would see: a U.S. president siding with a Russian leader rather than U.S. intelligence agencies. a post-meeting press conference where the leaders were asked about future U.S.-Russia relations. During a post-meeting press conference, Trump was askedRead More