Once Again, The Trumps Go Back On Their Word

It is not the first time Donald Trump- or one of his children for the matter- has completely taken back and recreated an official statement. It is also not the first time it has been done through a tweet. With worries high about the Trump’s connections to Russia, ties to the Kremlin, and illegal activityRead More

Canada’s Largest Department Store Stops Carrying Products From Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Brand

Canada’s effort to boycott U.S. products has reached a new milestone, as Hudson’s Bay Company has recently pulled all products from Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand from their shelves. Hudson’s Bay has stopped carrying these products in response to the tariffs which the Trump administration has placed on Canadian steel and aluminum. The company’s decision echoes aRead More

Senate Votes Against Trump-Supported Government Spending Cuts of $15.4 billion

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to block the Trump-supported $15.4 billion cut in government spending. The cut was passed by the House of Representatives in early June, and if it had been voted in by the Senate, would have included funds that were already confirmed and approved. The Senate’s decision ignores Trump’s arguments, which statedRead More

New York Officials Struggle to Find Immigrant Children Separated From Their Families

Trump’s recent executive order, prohibiting immigrant children from being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border, has already been put into effect. There have been reports of hundreds of said children being sent to New York and subsequently being taken in by consular officials from Central American countries. However, it is also believed thatRead More

North Korea Set to Deliver Remains of U.S. Servicemen Killed During Korean War

Recent developments regarding the United States’ relationship with North Korea, namely last week’s summit, have caused both countries to extend certain supposed olive branches in order to solidify the shaky relationship. On North Korea’s end, this means the potential return of around 200 U.S. servicemember’s remains, held by the North Korean government since the KoreanRead More

Former U.S. Ambassador Criticizes Immigration Policies, Trump’s Support for GOP Bill Unclear

The Trump Administration has been taking extreme measures regarding immigration and foreign policy for the last few months. Former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, has publicly criticized the policies. She has stated that they are “un-American.” This comes in tandem with talks between the GOP and the President regarding a bill that would preventRead More

From an Ancient Sea Fossil to an Elementary School, Obama’s Legacy Lives On

As each day get worse under the Trump Administration—and I am not talking about Trump simply offending another country’s leader for the 11 millionth time or sending out another tweet full of lies—it’s easy to feel nostalgic for the Obama Administration. From an ancient sea creature to an elementary school, Obama’s legacy shall live on!Read More

Shocking Recording Sheds Light on Trauma Immigrant Children Face During Family Separations

Here it is: This past Monday, media outlet ProPublica released audio of children at the border who were just separated from their mothers and fathers. The recording was taken at a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility; specifically in a detention center’s housing unit. There were about ten children in the recording. Their estimated agesRead More

U.S. Sanctions Russian Individuals and Companies After Intelligence Attacks

On Monday, three Russian individuals and five companies were sanctioned after confirming that they had worked on cyber-attacks against the U.S. and its allies. They had worked with Moscow’s military and intelligence services. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held a press conference where he explained in detail the recent procedures. He stated: The United States isRead More

European Countries Ask U.S. to Exempt Their Companies in Iran From Sanctions

European leaders have sent a letter to senior officials in the Trump administration, requesting exemption for their companies in Iran from the fines announced at the end of May. The letter was sent specifically to Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The sanctions were first announced during a speech on Monday,Read More