French President Macron Called for a ‘True European Army’

French President Emmanuel Macron pushed for a “true European army” that would free the E.U. from its over-reliance on the U.S. in military matters. Macron had long held the vision of a stronger European defense alliance. Having witnessed Donald Trump’s unwillingness to work with Europe on security issues, the French president believed it more urgentRead More

Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

On Wednesday, Jeff Sessions was forced to step as Attorney General. The resignation came at Trump’s request and concluded Sessions’ bitter relationship with the president after the former decided to recuse himself from the Russian investigation in March 2017. In his resignation letter, Sessions remained positive and simply stated that he was “honored to serveRead More

Even Fox News Can’t Bear Trump’s Racist Ad

NBC, Facebook and even Fox News all took non-traditional steps to remove President Trump’s inflammatory and discriminatory campaign ad just a day before the midterm election. Building upon Trump’s recent anti-immigrant moves—from portraying the immigrant caravan as an invasion to deploying 5,200 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border—the 30-second ad released by Trump’s political team encouragesRead More

President Trump Vows to End Birthright Citizenship by Circumventing the Constitution

President Trump vowed to issue a legally dubious executive order to unilaterally end birthright citizenship. It was another dramatic move of the current administration to appeal to voters through tough immigration rhetoric. If Trump’s plan came true, children born on American soil could no longer receive U.S. citizenship were their parents non-citizens or unauthorized immigrants.Read More

Trump Insists on Visiting Pittsburgh as Victim’s Family Refuses to See Him

President Trump visited Pittsburgh on Tuesday to pay respect to those affected by the deadly shooting last week. His presence, however, escalated tensions in the grief-stricken city amidst widespread accusations that his divisive rhetoric was part of what caused the tragedy in the first place. Pittsburgh’s Democratic mayor Bill Peduto had previously advised the presidentRead More

Trump Sends 5,200 troops to U.S.-Mexico Borders to Fight off “Invasion”

President Trump ordered the U.S. military to send additional 5,200 troops to the southern border under “Operation Faithful Patriot” as a reaction to the Central American migrant caravan. The Pentagon has gathered military police, pilots, engineers, cooks, planners and medical personnel from around the country—from Fort Bragg in North Carolina to Lewis McChord in Washington.Read More

Once Again, The Trumps Go Back On Their Word

It is not the first time Donald Trump- or one of his children for the matter- has completely taken back and recreated an official statement. It is also not the first time it has been done through a tweet. With worries high about the Trump’s connections to Russia, ties to the Kremlin, and illegal activityRead More

Canada’s Largest Department Store Stops Carrying Products From Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Brand

Canada’s effort to boycott U.S. products has reached a new milestone, as Hudson’s Bay Company has recently pulled all products from Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand from their shelves. Hudson’s Bay has stopped carrying these products in response to the tariffs which the Trump administration has placed on Canadian steel and aluminum. The company’s decision echoes aRead More

Senate Votes Against Trump-Supported Government Spending Cuts of $15.4 billion

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to block the Trump-supported $15.4 billion cut in government spending. The cut was passed by the House of Representatives in early June, and if it had been voted in by the Senate, would have included funds that were already confirmed and approved. The Senate’s decision ignores Trump’s arguments, which statedRead More

New York Officials Struggle to Find Immigrant Children Separated From Their Families

Trump’s recent executive order, prohibiting immigrant children from being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border, has already been put into effect. There have been reports of hundreds of said children being sent to New York and subsequently being taken in by consular officials from Central American countries. However, it is also believed thatRead More