Britain’s Economic Troubles and Brexit

It has been a year since Britain had its vote to leave the European Union. Since then, the British pound has lost 13 percent of its value in comparison with the euro which has raised the cost of imports of goods that Britons import a lot of including meat, cheese, wine, and gasoline. British exportsRead More

Britain’s Conservative Party Calls on the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland for Help

The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, and her Conservative party are in trouble after losing 12 seats in Thursday’s election. In the wake of Brexit negotiations, Theresa May called for an election three years early in hopes of uniting the British people and getting Parliament on the same footing to begin Brexit negotiations withRead More

Theresa May Calls for Strong Partnerships Online in Response to Recent Terror Attacks

In the wake of a major event, politicians tend to point fingers in the direction of areas where they believe stand for some revamping. Since four terror attacks have occurred in the UK beginning with the Manchester Bombing, and most recently the London Bridge attack this weekend, Prime Minister Theresa May is pointing her fingerRead More

British Prime Minister Says ‘Enough is Enough’ After London Attack

Theresa May said that “enough is enough” after yet another terror attack on England soil. As the British Prime Minister spoke on Downing Street Sunday morning, she discussed the “new trend” in terrorism the country is facing, after experiencing three fatal attacks within the short span of three months. The latest attack occurred less thanRead More