Young Man Who Targeted the White House Arrested

US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, Byung J. Pak, announced the arrest of a man plotting to blow a hole through the White House for access and subsequently corner people inside with semi-automatic rifles. The backpack he was supposed to wear would have contained a bomb for him to become a “martyr”. HasherRead More

Trump Defends His Syrian Decision and Putin Agrees

President Trump on Thursday upheld his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria via a series of tweets. While legislators from both parties are skeptical toward this move, Russian President Vladimir Putin fully endorsed Trump’s new military strategy in the Middle East. In his morning tweets, Trump claimed that America should finally reject its long-timeRead More

U.S. Imposes New Sanctions to Punish Iran and Syria

On Tuesday, Washington announced that it would impose additional sanctions on Iran and Syria for their alleged illicit oil trade scheme. Before the Tuesday action, U.S. sanctions against Iran allowed for a number of exemptions for medical products and devices. The new ban specifically punished Syrian citizen Mohammad Amer Alchiwiki and the Russian state-owned enterprise—GlobalRead More

Suspect of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Goes on Trial

Robert Bowers, the suspect gunman of the devastating Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, was on trial today for the murder of 11 congregants. Handcuffed and surrounded by marshals, Bowers entered the federal court in downtown Pittsburgh in a wheelchair. Magistrate Judge Robert read a list of 29 criminal charges against him including the obstruction of the freeRead More

U.S. Envoy Meets Taliban Leaders to End Afghan War

On Saturday, US envoy Zabiullah Mujahid wrapped up his 10-day diplomatic mission to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Returning to Qatar, Mujahid held a historical meeting with Taliban leaders to discuss the possibility of peace in the region. The meeting took place on Friday and marked a significant breakthrough in bothRead More

Syrian Government Takes Over Rebel-Controlled City of Deraa

The Syrian government has continued its efforts to take over Deraa. Syrian troops are currently entering the rebel-occupied portion of the city. President Bashar al-Assad previously stated his intentions to take back this part of the city, which subsequently caused controversy among the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. al-Assad’s troops were supported by the Russian military police and,Read More

Ukrainian Journalist Does News Conference After Being Reported Dead

On Wednesday, Arkady Babchenko—a Russian journalist and critic of the Kremlin who had reportedly been shot to death—appeared alive in a news conference. He stated that his death had been staged by Ukrainian security service officials with the purpose of preventing a real assassination plotted towards him. His wife was reported to have found himRead More

Austin Bombing Suspect Reported Dead by Officials

On Wednesday, over three weeks after the deadly bombing of Austin, Texas, the exhaustive manhunt has finally come to an end upon finding a 23-year-old unemployed man to be the suspect. Mark Anthony Conditt, formerly a student at a local community college, was found in surveillance footage combined with other clues, drove himself into theRead More

Google Increases Measures to Remove Terroristic and Extremist Content on YouTube

Google will be taking more precise measures and cautions when it comes to terroristic or violent extremist content on YouTube, its video-sharing platform, the company revealed in a blog post Sunday. In fact, the company will be removing this harsh content in its entirety. When it comes to videos containing supremacist or inflammatory religious content,Read More

Theresa May Calls for Strong Partnerships Online in Response to Recent Terror Attacks

In the wake of a major event, politicians tend to point fingers in the direction of areas where they believe stand for some revamping. Since four terror attacks have occurred in the UK beginning with the Manchester Bombing, and most recently the London Bridge attack this weekend, Prime Minister Theresa May is pointing her fingerRead More