Senate Votes Against Trump-Supported Government Spending Cuts of $15.4 billion

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to block the Trump-supported $15.4 billion cut in government spending. The cut was passed by the House of Representatives in early June, and if it had been voted in by the Senate, would have included funds that were already confirmed and approved. The Senate’s decision ignores Trump’s arguments, which statedRead More

New Legislation Passed to Combat Opioid Epidemic

With the help of a multiple senators, congressmen, and doctors from New Jersey, the Alternatives to Opioids (ALTO) program became part of national legislation this past Tuesday. The program, created in Paterson New Jersey at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, was created to combat opioid addiction in the local communities. Since the program was implemented,Read More

White House Fires Press Aide Who Made Offensive Comments on John McCain

White House communications aide Kelly Sadler was let go after her controversial comments regarding Republican Senator John McCain’s health. A senior administration official stated that the Trump administration had been planning to fire the woman for the last couple of weeks. They were contemplating sending her to another department or agency outside of the WhiteRead More

Bipartisan Effort Pushing for a Gay Trump Appointee

When will the first openly gay appointee of the Trump administration be confirmed by the Senate? This delay calls into questions regarding the effectiveness of Senate rules. From posts of ambassadorships to deputies at agencies, President Trump’s nominations have been delayed because of the stalling of confirmation hearings. Richard Grenell is one of the nomineesRead More

Senator Dianne Feinstein Fails to Receive Endorsement from California Democratic Party

The California Democratic Party Convention took place Saturday, during which the party declined to offer endorsements in the U.S. Senate contest. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has been representing California for nearly a quarter century since 1992, was unable to secure an endorsement from the party. Her leading competition, Kevin de León, received 54% of theRead More

Senate Democrats Block Zika Funding

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats voted to block funding to fight the Zika virus. The vote was 52-48 in favor of blocking a military spending bill that earmarked more than 1 billion dollars to researching and fighting the Zika virus. Democrat Jon Donelly, of Indiana, broke with party leaders to vote for the bill. Three Republicans,Read More

Who Is Lincoln Chafee and Why Can’t He Be President?

While giving a speech at George Mason University, Lincoln Chafee formally announced his candidacy for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president. At this point, two questions are most likely swirling in your head. The first, and very valid question, is probably, ‘who is Lincoln Chafee?’ The second question may be something along the lines of,Read More

Democrats Fighting over Abortion Cut in a Pending Senate Bill

The Senate minority leader Harry Reid of the state of Nevada is facing an unlikely opponent over the abortion issue: his colleague and friend House Minority Leader from California, Nancy Pelosi. Their abortion entanglement threatens to hold up an important bill in The United States Senate over human trafficking. Pelosi worked on a compromise thisRead More

Rudy Giuliani Pushes for Loretta Lynch Confirmation

With all of the uncertainty in Washington today, one of the biggest questions remaining is whether or not the new Republican led senate will confirm President Obama’s nominee Loretta Lynch to serve as Attorney General of The United States. One of the reasons why Republicans do not want Loretta Lynch to serve as Attorney GeneralRead More