Even Fox News Can’t Bear Trump’s Racist Ad

NBC, Facebook and even Fox News all took non-traditional steps to remove President Trump’s inflammatory and discriminatory campaign ad just a day before the midterm election. Building upon Trump’s recent anti-immigrant moves—from portraying the immigrant caravan as an invasion to deploying 5,200 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border—the 30-second ad released by Trump’s political team encouragesRead More

Judge Approves Lawsuit Preventing Citizenship Census Question for 2020

On Thursday, a U.S. federal judge approved a lawsuit which would prevent a question regarding citizenship from being added to the 2020 national census. The lawsuit’s supporters argued that the question is an attempt by the Trump administration to encourage discrimination against immigrants. Manhattan District Judge Jesse M. Furman will now redirect the lawsuit to aRead More

‘Roseanne’ Series Cancelled After Lead’s Racist Tweets

Early on Tuesday, actress Roseanne Barr became involved in heavy online controversy after tweeting about Valerie Jarrett, a former top adviser to President Obama. Barr made reference to “The Planet of the Apes” when talking about Jarrett’s looks. Hours later, ABC cancelled her show ‘Roseanne’, which recently finished its tenth season. Her tweet was short.Read More

“Make America White Again” Ignites Controversy And Condemnation

An independent Congressional candidate in Tennessee has generated controversy when his campaign put up a billboard with the slogan “Make America White Again.” Rick Tyler is currently running for office in the 3rd Congressional district. The slogan is clearly a play on GOP nominee Donald Trump’s campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” and, likeRead More

Gun Control or Confederate Flags: Pick One

After the killings in South Carolina, pundits are divided on what they should talk about. Some have harped on the racial aspects of the case, manifesting itself in a debate over the acceptability of government agencies flying the confederate flag, while others are calling for increased gun regulations after yet another mass shooting. So whyRead More

Supreme Court Aims High at Specialty License Plates

With all of the major legal issues facing the country today, such as religious freedom and Obama Care, one might be surprised by the face that the Supreme Court is going after specialty license plates in Texas. After all, Texas already has some very interesting license plates, such as “Texas 4 Ever,” “Ducks Unlimited” andRead More