Trump Falls Out of Love With Conservative Media Personalities

Are conservative radio hosts like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh at least partially responsible for the government shutdown? On December 19th, President Trump showed a willingness to accept the Democrats’ offer to implement a short-term spending scheme to keep the government running until February. But after Coulter and Limbaugh harshly criticized the proposed compromise, onRead More

From an Ancient Sea Fossil to an Elementary School, Obama’s Legacy Lives On

As each day get worse under the Trump Administration—and I am not talking about Trump simply offending another country’s leader for the 11 millionth time or sending out another tweet full of lies—it’s easy to feel nostalgic for the Obama Administration. From an ancient sea creature to an elementary school, Obama’s legacy shall live on!Read More

Trump Calls Session “Disgraceful” for FISA Abuse Accusations

On Wednesday, President Trump called his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, “disgraceful”. The reason for this open criticism was because Sessions suggested that the Justice Department’s watchdog would delve into potential accusations of abuse of surveillance laws instead of looking into the agency’s own lawyers. His tweet yesterday wrote: Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions askingRead More

Trump is on Vacation With Your Money

The Bridge Project, associated with the Democratic super PAC American Bridge, will take trolling to new heights this weekend, as it is commissioning a plane to drag an aerial banner along the beaches of the New Jersey Shore this Saturday in order to direct attention to the cost of the Presidents trip to his nearbyRead More

Trump Expected to Make Changes Involving U.S. Policy Towards Cuba

It has recently been reported by a U.S. government official involved in reviewing U.S. policy towards Cuba that President Donald Trump is expected to roll back Obama’s opening with the communist island as early as this June. The ‘Cuban Thaw’ refers to the warming of U.S.- Cuba relations, which began in December 2014 and endedRead More

The Obama Legacy Flawed by “Compromise”

A week after granting her clemency, Obama has come under criticism by the former Army Intelligence Analyst, Chelsea Manning, who leaked classified documents to Wikileaks. “For eight years, it didn’t matter how balanced President Obama was.  It didn’t matter how educated he was, or how intelligent he was.  Nothing was ever good enough for his opponents. ItRead More

Rebel-Held Eastern Aleppo Under Siege, Tens of Thousands At Risk for Starvation

The last few weeks have been hard for the city of Aleppo, harder than they have been since the start of the war roughly five years ago. While its residents have become accustomed to the daily bombings, power cuts, and the lack of public services, the situation is about to become even more dire. In theRead More

President Obama’s Response to the Dallas Shooting

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama spoke to an audience attending a Dallas memorial service, addressing the concerns of the country in light of the recent police killings and incidents involving officers and unarmed individuals. President Obama emphasized that while he sympathizes with the peaceful protesters demonstrating against injustices across the country, he also gives his solidarity to the peopleRead More

More U.S. Troops to Remain in Afghanistan Than Initially Planned

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the number of troops to be stationed in Afghanistan by the end of the year would remain higher than what was previously stated. Instead of leaving a contingent force of 5,500 soldiers, the President has decided that 8,400 troops will remain in the country due to the securityRead More

Five Officers Killed and Seven Wounded in Dallas Shooting

In a coordinated ambush at a protest in Dallas late Thursday night, a sniper shot and killed five police officers while wounding up to seven. Police eventually killed the sniper and arrested three other individuals who may have been linked to the attack. Preliminary reports indicate that these individuals carried out the attack in response forRead More