Mccain Warns Obama on Israel

  John McCain and Barack Obama are back at it again. The two 2008 presidential rivals are squaring off again in 2015, this time over the nation of Israel. Sen. John McCain believes Obama isn’t able to get past his own personal views of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. What McCain is basically accusing ObamaRead More

Prime Minster Netanyahu Reject’s Senate Democrat’s Invitation to Meet Privately

It has been confirmed that Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu has rejected an invitation to meet with Senate Democrats, while he is in town meeting with Congress. The Senate Democrats extended a private invitation to the Prime Minister, which Netanyahu turned down on Tuesday because he stated it “could compound the misperception of partisanship.” Although the Prime MinsterRead More

House Speaker Boehner Confirms Lawsuit Against President Obama

House Speaker, John Boehner confirms that the Republicans are planning to sue President Obama. The house speaker told Fox News that the President should be expecting a lawsuit because Republicans do not agree with the Commander and Chief’s use of executive action on immigration. Boehner stated on Special Report with Bret Baier, “The President’s overreach when he tookRead More