Toronto Votes to Completely Ban Handgun Sales

Toronto’s city council has recently decided to install a ban on all handgun sales after a mass shooting in the city left three people dead. This is a striking measure, especially when compared to how U.S. politicians have recently approached gun control legislation. The city’s mayor, John Tori, was blunt and direct when addressing theRead More

Walk it Out or Get Kicked Out?

“As long as you follow the guidelines and do not cause a disruption, you will NOT be punished.” These were the words written on a flyer in the halls of Grayson High School, Loganville, GA. Grayson High School has since changed their stance on this. Recently, a memo was sent out to all students. ItRead More

Sandy Hook Families File Lawsuit Against AR-15 Creators – “It’s No More a Gun Than a Tank Is a Car”

For the most tragic reasons, the town of Newtown, Connecticut is always in our thoughts. Ever since the horrific mass shooting of December 14, 2012, the families of the 26 victims have been putting the pieces of their lives back together. Sandy Hook Elementary School was wrought with terror when a shooter opened fire withRead More

Gun Control or Confederate Flags: Pick One

After the killings in South Carolina, pundits are divided on what they should talk about. Some have harped on the racial aspects of the case, manifesting itself in a debate over the acceptability of government agencies flying the confederate flag, while others are calling for increased gun regulations after yet another mass shooting. So whyRead More