Betsy DeVos Proposes Legislation to Restrain Loan Relief Awards

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently proposed a measure which would make the process of loan application even more difficult for students. DeVos’ legislation, if passed, would replace a set of rules which were written by the Obama administration and were never implemented. DeVos’ proposal has garnered heavy criticism from student advocacy groups. Under thisRead More

Democrats Create Legislation to Abolish ICE

New legislation has been proposed by Democrats to abolish Immigrations and Custom enforcement. Abolishing ICE has been a strong message from activists and protestors for months. Recently prominent political figures such as Alexa Ocasio-Cortez, Mark Pocan, and Kirsten Gillibrand have also been on board to end the corrupted agency. The new bill has been createdRead More

Injured Woman Asks Bystanders Not to Call Ambulance Because She Can’t Afford It

On Friday, June 29th, a heartbreaking story was released regarding a woman whose leg was dangerously injured after she slipped between a train and its platform. Her limb was twisted and bleeding heavily. However, after she saw that people nearby were grabbing their cell phones to call for an ambulance, the woman pleaded with forRead More

Mike Pence says U.S. is “the most welcoming home for immigrants in human history”

After weeks of controversy surrounding the previous “zero tolerance” immigration policy and the separation of immigrant children from their parents, President Trump signed an executive order that will stop family separation at the border. In response to this decision, Mike Pence has praised the president’s actions and stated that the U.S. is “the most welcomingRead More

Federal Judge orders for immigration officials to reunite children with their parents

On Tuesday, a San Diego federal judge ordered for immigration officials to reunite families who were separated at the U.S. border. This follows the signing of an executive order by President Donald Trump that included the same indications. The judge’s decision also took into consideration a previously filed lawsuit by an anonymous woman from theRead More

Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan wins reelection

After months filled with controversy and a national economic shake-up, Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan has been reelected and will further continue his 15-year position. This past election has been his most challenging one yet, as the Turkish population recently became more aware of the inefficient and overly-authoritative way in which Erdogan has ruled theRead More