House Democrats Reportedly Working on a Bill to Dismantle ICE

It seems that the recent wave of protests surrounding the transgressions of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has paid off, as some House Democrats are allegedly working on a bill to shut the agency down. The group is planning to propose a replacement for ICE, and their bill has reportedly garnered bipartisan support. The billRead More

Senate Votes Against Trump-Supported Government Spending Cuts of $15.4 billion

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to block the Trump-supported $15.4 billion cut in government spending. The cut was passed by the House of Representatives in early June, and if it had been voted in by the Senate, would have included funds that were already confirmed and approved. The Senate’s decision ignores Trump’s arguments, which statedRead More

Kushner Under Investigation: House Representative Jason Chaffetz Requests Documents

This past Thursday, Representative Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, asked the current FBI director, Andrew McCabe, to turn over several more documents regarding former FBI director James B. Comey. The documents deal with Comey’s previous interactions with the White House, as well as the Justice Department, and consist of materials dating backRead More

Speaker of the Alabama House Michael G. Hubbard Convicted of 12 Felony Ethics Charges

This past Friday, June 10, momentous news rocked the waters of Alabama. Michael G. Hubbard, the 65th speaker of the Alabama State House of Representatives, was convicted of twelve felony ethics charges by an unyielding jury. He is to face significant time in prison – up to twenty years. Nearly two years ago, the seriousRead More

Senate Democrats Will Not Sign the New Iran Sanctions Legislation Just Yet

It looks as though Senate Democrats are easing up on pushing for new sanctions in Iran. This decision was made and will need to avoid President Obama and his eagerness to veto new legislations. Sen. Bob Menendez announced at a Senate hearing that he and his democratic allies have written a letter to the aRead More