Forty-One Dead in Tragic Shipwreck Off Coast of Thailand

Last week, a boat was discovered overturned near the coast of Thailand. The ship sunk while carrying over a hundred passengers. The death toll of people involved in the accident has increased as more details of the story are revealed. As of Sunday, the number stood at a tragic forty-one, with fifteen passengers still missing.Read More

ICE Officials Send Statement to Nielsen, Ask For Agency to Dissolve

It seems as though the criticism surrounding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and its immigration policies throughout the past few weeks has been effective and could bring some change to legislation in their department. Several internal special agents and investigators sent a joint statement to Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen, expressing their concerns aboutRead More

U.S. stocks fall in face of possible restrictions to Chinese investment

As expected, the current trade wars between the U.S. and its G7 allies and China are also affecting the American economy. On Monday, U.S. stocks fell substantially as uncertainty increased over how the Trump administration will proceed with the China tariffs and investment restrictions. This raised concerns for investors, considering the possible outcome of aRead More

Italian Populists Create Government After Weeks of Struggle

On Thursday evening, Italy’s two main populist parties were given permission to go forward with their project of creating a fully-populist government. Last week, the two parties’ leaders had to stop their project to form a government after president Sergio Mattarella denied their controversial pick of Paolo Savona for the economy minister. They were quiteRead More

Trump Pulls Back On North Korea Sanctions Amidst Negotiation

The Trump administration has decided to delay scheduled sanctions against North Korea amidst talks of reviving the proposed summit. According to two White House officials, there was a package ready and aimed at almost three dozen sanction targets,  and it was prepared after the summit’s cancellation as a reaction to General Kim’s aggressive and threat-basedRead More

Italian Populists Fail to Form Gov’t, Call For Mattarella’s Impeachment

After Luigi di Magio—leader of the populist 5-star Movement party—called for the impeachment of president Sergio Mattarella, Italy has recently found itself on the verge of political crisis. This request comes after Mattarella’s rejection of Paolo Savona, an 81-year-old euroskeptic economist, for the position of economy minister. Di Maio and Matteo Salvini—leader of Italy’s populistRead More

Government official unfit for the job, sound familiar?

Our most recent secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has been fired from his post by Donald Trump himself. In all of history, he is probably the most unpopular, and deemed the worst secretary of state ever selected. Someone who ran an important part of our bureaucracy could not efficiently and appropriately get the job done.Read More

Gary Cohn Resigns, the White House Suffers Another Loss

On Tuesday, Gary D. Cohn, the top economic adviser of President Trump, has declared his resignation, joining a number of departures from the White House following Hope Hicks, one of Trump’s closest aides. While White House officials claimed that there was not a single factor that resulted in Mr. Cohn’s decision, many suspect that hisRead More

Yet Again, the Road to Stricter Gun Laws proved narrow after a school shooting

Alyssa Alhadeff, Scott Beigel, Martin Duque Anguiano, Nicholas Dworet, Aaron Feis…… These look like normal names. However, in reality, they are so much more. These are just 5 out of the 17 dead, and many injured in the Parkland, Florida High School shooting. These are lives that were taken, inevitably, by a man with aRead More

Xi Advances His Authoritarian Power Grab by Abolishing Term Limits

This Sunday the Communist Party of China revealed its abolition of constitutional limits on presidential terms. This officially marks the current leader, Xi JinPing’s ambition to stay in power and set himself as ruler for life as long as he wants. This is not the first move towards Authoritarian governance internationally as we have observed increasingRead More