Appearing on Fox News by mistake, a senator criticized Trump on air

Fox News, which is known for often attempting to defend the Trump administration’s policies, accidentally gave an outlet to the voice they so viciously attempt to silence. On Monday, the news channel was set to interview a Democratic candidate for Congress Ann Kirkpatrick, who had recently caused controversy for supporting actions from the U.S. Immigration andRead More

Mother of Separated Immigrant Child Has Sued the U.S. Government

Yolany Padilla, a 24-year-old from Honduras, is currently leading a lawsuit against the U.S. federal government. Padilla intends to represent the plight of separated immigrant families. After being released from detention, Padilla met with attorneys and pressured ICE officials to reunite her with her children, alongside many other families who are in the same situation.Read More

Immigration Officials Resort to DNA Testing to Reunite Families

Due to a recent court order, the Department of Health and Human Services is using DNA tests to speed up the process of reuniting immigrant families that have crossed the border. Trump and Pence’s Zero Tolerance immigration policy has led to 2,300 children being separated from their families. With mounting political pressure, and an apparentRead More

HSS Struggles to Reunite Immigrant Children With Their Parents By Proposed Deadline

Those attempting to reunite immigrant children with their families have faced a series of obstacles following President Trump’s executive order. On June 26th, a federal judge ruled that children under five years must be reunited with their parents within fifteen days of the ruling, and children older than five must be reunited within a monthRead More

California judge approves laws to restrict cooperation with immigration officials

On Thursday, federal judge John A. Mendez ruled that he wouldn’t block California’s effort to restrict law enforcement cooperation with immigration officials. His decision directly counters the position from the Trump administration, which argues that California is blatantly attempting to halt the enforcement of immigration policies. Mendez stated that “refusing to help is not theRead More

Department of Justice Asked to House “Up to 12,000” Immigrants While Families Are Reunited

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice stated that it has been tasked with housing “a population of up to 12,000 people,” as the Trump administration’s policy of detaining undocumented immigrants continues. The DOJ will reportedly have to house 2000 undocumented immigrants for a month and a half and then begin to expand its capacities. TheRead More

Protests outside ICE offices increase, Trump says protesters want anarchy

On Wednesday, a group of protesters approached the Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters and confronted its workers due to the recent controversies surrounding separated immigrant families. Led by Haydi Torres, a 20-year-old woman, the crowd asked questions to a group of workers who were outside the building through a megaphone. “Do you have children? Wouldn’t youRead More

Mike Pence says U.S. is “the most welcoming home for immigrants in human history”

After weeks of controversy surrounding the previous “zero tolerance” immigration policy and the separation of immigrant children from their parents, President Trump signed an executive order that will stop family separation at the border. In response to this decision, Mike Pence has praised the president’s actions and stated that the U.S. is “the most welcomingRead More

Federal Judge orders for immigration officials to reunite children with their parents

On Tuesday, a San Diego federal judge ordered for immigration officials to reunite families who were separated at the U.S. border. This follows the signing of an executive order by President Donald Trump that included the same indications. The judge’s decision also took into consideration a previously filed lawsuit by an anonymous woman from theRead More

Americans from Around The Country Call for ICE to be Abolished

From major politicians to everyday citizens, Americans are calling for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be abolished. Protests, lawsuits, and media stories from around the country are coming out pertaining to the abuses of ICE and the corruption of the Agency. The increasing alarm is a direct result of over 2,000 children being separatedRead More