Judge Approves Lawsuit Preventing Citizenship Census Question for 2020

On Thursday, a U.S. federal judge approved a lawsuit which would prevent a question regarding citizenship from being added to the 2020 national census. The lawsuit’s supporters argued that the question is an attempt by the Trump administration to encourage discrimination against immigrants. Manhattan District Judge Jesse M. Furman will now redirect the lawsuit to aRead More

Voting Machine Agency ES&S Admits That It Installed Remote-Access Software

Amidst the controversy surrounding foreign interference in U.S. elections, the nation’s premier voting machine manufacturer has revealed to the federal government that it installed remote-access software in several of its machines. ES&S, the manufacturer in question, confessed in a letter to a federal lawmaker that remote-access software was reportedly installed in its election-management systems, which wereRead More

Reuters/IPSOS Poll States Immigration Is Most Important Issue For American Voters

Reuters and IPSOS recently released a joint poll chronicling American voters’ interests and concerns regarding the way in which national issues are being handled by the Trump administration. According to the poll’s results, immigration has become the most important issue for American voters, followed by the economy and Trump’s trade wars. These will be theRead More

Lopez Obrador Wins Mexican Presidency In Historic Election

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the left-wing populist candidate for the Mexican presidency, has just won his country’s election. According to a poll conducted by Televisa, Lopez Obrador had a 16 to 26 percent lead over his rival Ricardo Anaya. Lopez Obrador’s opponents conceded before the first poll results were released. Anaya stated that he recognizedRead More

Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan wins reelection

After months filled with controversy and a national economic shake-up, Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan has been reelected and will further continue his 15-year position. This past election has been his most challenging one yet, as the Turkish population recently became more aware of the inefficient and overly-authoritative way in which Erdogan has ruled theRead More

Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a 28-year-old educator and politician who has just made history. In a totally grassroots campaign- Cortez has won the primaries in the majority Democratic district of Queens. Cortez won against Joseph Crowley, the incumbent for the district who served in D.C. since 2013. Winning the primaries of New York’s, majority democraticRead More

Supreme Court strikes down Minnesota law that banned political apparel at polling place

On Thursday, a law in the state of Minnesota was struck down by the Supreme Court. A vote, 7-2, was determined in dissolving a law which placed a ban on political apparel at a polling place, stating that it violated the Free Speech component of the First Amendment. Other states have similar laws, and thisRead More

Italian Populists Create Government After Weeks of Struggle

On Thursday evening, Italy’s two main populist parties were given permission to go forward with their project of creating a fully-populist government. Last week, the two parties’ leaders had to stop their project to form a government after president Sergio Mattarella denied their controversial pick of Paolo Savona for the economy minister. They were quiteRead More

Italian Populists Fail to Form Gov’t, Call For Mattarella’s Impeachment

After Luigi di Magio—leader of the populist 5-star Movement party—called for the impeachment of president Sergio Mattarella, Italy has recently found itself on the verge of political crisis. This request comes after Mattarella’s rejection of Paolo Savona, an 81-year-old euroskeptic economist, for the position of economy minister. Di Maio and Matteo Salvini—leader of Italy’s populistRead More

Stacey Abrams: The Nation’s First Black Female Governor?

On Tuesday night, candidate Stacey Abrams won the Georgia Democratic primary for governor, defeating Stacey Evans in what has been referred to as the ‘Battle of the Staceys’. Abrams’ win has already made history, since she has become the first female black candidate to win a nomination for governor from a major political party, AndRead More