DNC accuses Jared Kushner of avoiding lawsuit package

The Democratic National Committee has reportedly attempted to serve Jared Kushner with a lawsuit several times, yet was repeatedly blocked by U.S. Secret Service agents. They failed to deliver the package both to Kushner’s New York apartment and his D.C. home.

The package that was being delivered to Kushner consisted of the lawsuit against President Donald Trump, accusing his 2016 campaign of having colluded with the Russian government to favor him during the elections. When the DNC attempted to send it via mail instead of delivering it personally, yet the delivery also failed. According to the U.S. postal service, no one at Kushner’s home accepted to sign for the package.

Kushner, son-in-law of the President and fellow White House senior adviser of Ivanka Trump, was going to be notified that he had been named a defendant for  Trump in the lawsuit. According to the person sent by the DNC, they followed several procedures to deliver the package to him and all failed. The organization stated in a court filing:

[we] tried to serve the doorperson, security guard, or mail clerk at Kushner’s New York residence, or alternative to affix a copy of the service packet to Kushner’s door. But the staff at Kushner’s building did not accept service.”

The DNC thought they had found an efficient way to hold Kushner accountable for his responsibilities. They have asked permission from the judge to send the package via first class mail. Since first class mail does not require a signature or approval from Kushner, and he will not be able to return it.

However, the case’s judge denied them the motion, stating that they had not proved that Kushner can only receive the package by those means. He also proposed for people involved to contact Kushner’s lawyer, and mentioned in a seemingly frustrated state:

Service is not intended to be a game for the serving party or the party to be served. The court is confident that the DNC’s counsel can contact Kushner’s counsel and arrange a mutually convenient means to effectuate service.”

The spokesman for Kushner’s lawyer was also quick to respond to the controversies, blatantly denying Kushner’s unwillingness to cooperate with the court. He stated:

Given that the plaintiffs’ counsel know where Mr. Kushner lives and works, (a place on every map in Washington), it is ridiculous for them to state that they did not know how to serve him with this purely political propaganda complaint. We have now informed them how easy it is to do that and will respond to the lack of merits of the suit as the Court schedules such responses.”

Featured image via Flickr/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff